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Founded in 2007, ATMSI Pvt Ltd is one of the and most experienced private company operating in the tyre and automotive industry today. Having been on the field for more than 10 years ,we are well respected by our principals, clients and customers and are known for our quality services and extensive customer support. We focus on large-scale equipment sourcing from our principals in USA, Europe and Asia. Our company has participated in large projects in India and overseas, and have supplied state-of-the-art machineries developed by our principals. We also continuously seek to identify new industries and sub-sectors that meet our customers requirement to maximize our sales and expand our company.
ATMSI deals within the tyre and automotive industries, starting from machine sales, maintenance all the way up to consultancy and planning. ATMSI comprised of highly experienced executives and engineers who have been working in this field for more than 30 years. ATMSI's main objectives are timely delivery of expectations and also constantly evolve in the field and bring in new customers and help them establish an independent, self-sufficient production unit anywhere around the world. Our team is also advancing each day with more effort put in on-site analysis to provide the best solutions to any problem. Our principals are also modernizing each day to provide and develop more complex and sophisticated systems that can solve multiple problems all togather.
We offer various services for our clients such as project sales, equipment sales, machine maintenance and service, spare parts storage, component exports, and equipment and business consultancy.